For your chance to win a Rusk Haircare Pack from Lifestyle - you just have to answer What's your top tip for protecting your hair colour throughout summer? over here:

Win a Rusk Haircare Pack

Win a Rusk Haircare Pack - LifeStyle YOU

Are you looking for the holy grail of prolonged hair colour retention? LifeStyle YOU is here to help!

We have 2 RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Haircare Packs worth over $260 each up for grabs.
This extraordinary range is available in three customised shampoo, conditioner and product regimes - ‘hydrate’, ‘repair’ and ‘smooth’ - to tackle the primary causes of fading: wash out, sun-damage and thermal styling.
You can also win the new RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Care Haircare Dry Shampoo, which is invisible. It sprays on completely clear which means it doesn’t dull or alter your colour in any way. Talc-free, it also doesn’t leave that tell-tale residue on your collar. Formulated with Chromaveil™, a patented UV technology, which helps stop your colour from fading by protecting against the bleaching effects of the sun, it instantly cleans and revives hair between shampoos by absorbing excess oil and odour, leaving a fresh, clean scent.
Last but not least, you can win the RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Care Haircare Lock In Treatment. Again formulated with Chromaveil™, it is best used daily but the colour protection stays active even if you skip a day.
Each prize pack includes:
1 x Deepshine™ Colour Care Invisible Dry Shampoo
1 x Deepshine™ Colour Care Lock in Treatment
3 x Deepshine™ Sulfate-Fate Shampoos Hydrate, Repair and Smooth Sulfate-free Shampoos
3 x Deepshine™ Conditioners Hydrate, Repair and Smooth
1 x Deepshine™ Hydrate Styling Crème
1 x Deepshine™ Hydrate Replenishing Masque
1 x Deepshine™ Repair Restorative Masque
1 x Deepshine™ Smooth Protective Serum

Total per pack: $263.40.