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First time video edit using the Contour Roam 2 HD camera

My first attempt at video editing with EZvid, using my Contour Roam2 HD camera, this was my first proper use of the camera, the first time I tried it out the lens kept icing up due to freezing mist on the mountain, my first impression is good, the quality of the video and colour is crystal clear, my choice for this type of action camera was between the GoPro and the Contour Roam2, and after a lot of research I chose the Contour due to the sleek "pistol" like design and the price (£160), many experts will say the Go Pro has better video quality, that may be so but after studying loads of clips on Youtube I can't really see that much of a difference, but I can't really compare, there are a few manufacturers selling this type of "action HD camera", all producing similar results and the "toaster" shape/design of the GoPro was not for me (it all depends on what you're using it for I suppose !!) also the Contour is waterproof to 1m straight out of the box without the need for additional water tight case which makes it ideal for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing, so based on design, price and ease of use i bought the Contour Roam2 HD, all views my own !! for free video editing software click on the EZvid link at The Best Free Video Maker for YouTube » Contour Cameras | Home to the Contour ROAM 2 & Contour+2 Category Sports License Standard YouTube LicenseContour ROAM 2 HD Waterproof Camcorder Unboxing (HD)


The Contour Wearable Waterproof HD Contour ROAM Camcorder is the ideal camera for capturing your adventures just about anywhere that life may take you. The ROAM's award-winning design is tough, compact, waterproof to one meter, and versatile which means you can use it just about anywhere, to capture all of the action you want. This camera features a 180° super wide-angle lens, is waterproof to one meter, and is built with Contour's "super tough" design to ensure that it will withstand the toughest conditions. While black is always in style, weʼve spiced it up by offering the ContourROAM2 in three additional colors: red, blue, and green. Weʼve also upped the frame rate to 60fps at 720p, and fine- tuned the picture giving the video quality incredible clarity.

The Contour Wearable HD Camcorder 1080p has been used by Tim from GITV for some time now. The Contour HD Camcorder is able to capture video at 1080p as well as high quality sound. Since this camera is made to be used while performing a high output activity such as biking or snow boarding it is easily able to handle airsoft. Although, keep in mind it is the responsibility of the customer to protect the lens while in use, the Contour HD lens is not shatter resistant. The Camera can be either attached via a goggle strap, flat surface mount, or any one of Contour's numerous other mounts. The Contour Camcorder is able to record in many resolutions including 1080 and 720p.

Manufacturer: Contour
Model: ROAM 2
Video Storage: MicroSD
Weight: 4 ounces
Color: Black
Package Includes: Contour ROAM 2 Camera, 4GB MicroSD Card, Profile mount, Rotating flat surface mount, USB/HDMI/Mic Cable

Waterproof up to 1 meter
Selectable Resolutions
Custom Wide Angle lens
HD Video
HDMI output

Please Note:
The Contour HD lens is not shatter resistant, so it is the responsibility of the customer to protect the lens while in use.