The face of Show Pony Facebook competition, not sure if people here would be interested in this, it does come with a dress:

It's back on - the search for the next Face of Show Pony!

Based on Facebook votes, we're looking for 10 finalists to win a photoshoot + a dress from Show Pony!
These 10 finalists will come to our studio for a finalists' photoshoot where the Show Pony team will pick a winner to be the next Face of Show Pony.
This winner will feature in our upcoming summer campaigns! These campaign will be used all over our website, Facebook, mobile app and advertising campaigns. So tell your friends to get used to seeing your face everywhere!

How do I enter?
Just click HERE to enter!
All you need to do is:
1. Enter your email
2. Upload a photo
3. Write a brief caption about yourself
When are the finalists announced?
The finalists will be announced at 17 September 2013. Voting closes at 5pm AEST. The winner will be annouced subsequent to the finalists' photoshoot.
How does it work for interstate finalists?
We've got amazing stylists and photographers all over Australia and will organise an amazing photoshoot with you! We will then judge everyone's image with equal weighting.
I've entered online already - why isn't my image displayed?
Your entry has to be manually approved by Team Pony. We will do this sporadically throughout the day, so your patience will be greatly appreciated.

Good luck lovelies! xxxx