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WIN gorgeous pregnancy lingerie from HOTmilk

WIN gorgeous pregnancy lingerie from HOTmilk -

HOTmilk designer maternity and nursing lingerie offer the most sensual and sexy nursing bras, camisoles and nightwear. HOTmilk’s luxurious pregnancy lingerie and designer nursing bras will have you feeling beautiful, confident and sexy as well as providing you with the comfort and practicality every woman needs at this time! HOTmilk are known the world over for their exquisitely feminine, yet undeniably functional nursing lingerie. With seasonal fashion styles and everyday essentials, HOTmilk have your maternity lingerie needs covered!

We’re giving away 5 HOTmilk Lingerie Sets each month!

Sexy maternity lingerie plays such an important role in empowering pregnant and breastfeeding women to look and feel as fabulous as they deserve. HOTmilk’s nursing bras offer fantastic support, svelte silhouettes and fuss free functionality. They provide a nursing mother with options. Breastfeeding is a wonderful start for a newborn and a great bonding time for both mother and baby. At HOTmilk, they support and encourage breastfeeding through their chic, directional designs. They know that small things make a big difference and that something as simple as wearing a beautiful bra can lighten and brighten a woman’s world. HOTmilk creates lingerie for the sexy woman inside the loving mother. So spoil yourself and take a look inside the HOTmilk world.
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Each HOTmilk Lingerie Set includes…

An exquisite bra and knicker set from HOTmilk! The perfect complement to your changing body, emotions and desires. HOTmilk has superior fabrics such as soft cotton modals, 100% cotton lining, microfibre, combined with stunning laces, embroideries and prints (styles vary).
How to enter

  1. Sign in as a member or join the Huggies Baby Club.
  2. Simply fill in the form below and tell us in 25 words or less how you help to keep ‘the spark’ alive while pregnant and with a young family.
  3. Remember to return each week to place another entry.

Draw Periods

  • Draw 1 – All entries received during April 2013
  • Draw 2 – All entries received during May 2013
  • Draw 3 – All entries received during June 2013
  • Draw 4 – All entries received during July 2013
  • Draw 5 – All entries received during August 2013
  • Draw 6 – All entries received during September 2013
  • Draw 7 – All entries received during October 2013
  • Draw 8 – All entries received during November 2013
  • Draw 9 – All entries received during December 2013
  • Draw 10 – All entries received during January 2014
  • Draw 11 – All entries received during February 2014
  • Draw 12 – All entries received during March 2014

Who can enter? Members only.
How often? Once a week.
Promotion ends: 31 March 2014.

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