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Thread: Free Fuel For Life, too good to be true?

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    Free Fuel For Life, too good to be true?

    Do you want free fuel? Of Course you do, do you care if your car looks like a reps car, possibly not and if so you could save a bunch. use people like you and I to advertise on our own cars, you can earn up to $2000 a month in free fuel!

    Free Petrol Australia

    Who will pay for your next full tank?


    A vibrant Queensland owned company has launched an exciting peer2peer advertising service which gives back to the community.
    Private vehicles will be turned into mobile billboards which will earn owners FREE PETROL rewards of $100.00 up to $2000.00 per month.
    Company Director, David Curtin said he developed in response to the increasing fuel prices and traffic congestion putting drivers behind the wheel longer.
    Our aim is to tap into the 14+ million car owners, capture their demographic details and driving behaviour and match them with advertisers that are jumping at the opportunity to give something back to the community.
    Drivers receive a monthly fuel card to redeem FREE PETROL for the use of their cars rear window (or full vehicle) as a moving billboard.
    When a company decides to advertise on a vehicle, they are helping a family in need, a struggling university student, an elderly neighbour, a single income Australian, a family member or friend.
    With petrol prices steady at an all time high, our advertisers are reaching out and giving back to their community.
    For more information, visit our website or contact David Curtin on (07) 3041 6030 or

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    What is this Free Petrol all about?
    Simply put... We pay your petrol bill.
    FREEPETROL.COM.AU is an exciting new peer2peer advertising service which gives back to the community. Car owners around Australia will now be rewarded for their driving.
    You can either use your rear window or your entire car as a moving billboard. We use safe and professional one-way vision film.
    For this you will receive FREE PETROL for amounts of $100.00 up to $2000.00 per month. In the near future, we are looking at other reward payment options and increasing the payment scale to better reflect exposure.
    Do all models of vehicles get paid the same amount of money?
    Drivers are rewarded based on demographics rather than vehicle type. The more diverse and interesting your location and lifestyle, the more you are likely to earn.
    What type of companies are likely to advertise on my vehicle?
    Companies come from a wide variety of industries including e-commerce, music, hospitality, telecommunications, financial and educational institutions, as well as many others. Our brand attracts companies that are eager to be associated with an exciting new medium, as well as our core mission of giving back to the community.

    What if a driver is uncomfortable with the offered advertisement?
    Drivers have the right to refuse any advertiser at the time the offer is made. If a driver is uncomfortable promoting a particular brand or product then they can let us know. It is in the best interests of both parties involved for the driver to be enthusiastic about the advertisement and therefore their are absolutely no penalties for refusing an offer.
    Where does installation occur?
    We have approved centres through out Australia and we have a mobile installation unit, that visits you at home or work.
    Is there a minimum mileage that must be covered each month?
    At the time of selection the driver is briefed with the exact requirements expected from them. This usually consists of a minimum driving distance and/or visibility coverage. The more coverage and visibility, the higher the reward.
    What happens if the advertisement on my vehicle gets damaged?
    You need to report any damage to our office immediately (within 24hrs). We will make necessary arrangements to have the advertisement (window) repaired.

    Insert Email Address

    Free Petrol Australia

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    I do like the idea of this. However:

    A friend did this a few years ago, think it was about 2004/05 and it was at the time Extra Dry or may be it was heineken had their Bottle Return ads, the car had a big:

    return your empties here logo on it. Every few days she'd wake to find a few empties on the roof of the car, then one day she came out and the entire car was covered. I've tried google images to find a image of it as I know she took photos, but sadly can't find it. Will ask if anyone else has it. She was working for the advertising company at the time.

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    I'm excited to read unique post and mentioned information is seems to me highly effective. Keep up the delightful sharing.

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