This half price sale from WallCann may come in handy over the spring and summer months:

Free Roaming Power & Light - The Great TITAN Adventure Travel Kit

TITAN Free Roaming Solar Power and Light Kit | WallCann

Planning Spring & Summer Adventures?
This great kit is -
50% off RRP
Free Roaming Light & Power - Clean Renewable & Quiet 8ZED TITAN Package.
  • Run and Re-charge your communications and digital devices.
  • Handy, compact, efficient - always emergency ready on stand-by.
  • LED flood lights run bright but consume a tiny amount of energy, plugged into power station via the twin DC socket.
  • Hi Flo Air Compressor, Jumpstarter and Battery Charger.
  • Solar recharge FREE ENERGY from high quality solar panel built into a robust fold up travel case.

RRP $590

  • 22Ah Emergency Battery - rechargeable
  • 1800Amp Heavy Duty Jumpstarter
  • Hi-Flo Air Compressor - max 100 PSI
  • Built in 5 LED Work Lights
  • No leakage - store in any position
TITAN Sun Hawk

  • Rugged compact folding solar panel
  • Robust travel case

  • Plug straight into charging port
  • 1 meter cable - 2.5 to 2.5 DC
TITAN Night Owl x 2

  • 10W LED Flood Light
  • Energy Efficient
  • High output
  • 50,000 + hours
  • 5 meter lead with cigarette plug
Dual Adapter

  • Twin sockets
  • 3AG 5 Amp fast acting fuse
  • Compact design
  • Rated for both 12V and 24V DC
  • Max Current rated at 5A \ 60Watts
Suitable for jumpstarting most petrol and diesel engine vehicles - including heavy duty 4WD. 8 Watt foldable Monocrystalline Solar Charging Panel for TITAN series Power Stations. 10W cool white flood light. High quality longlife components.
Converts standard cigarette lighter socket into two, allowing for connection of multiple 12V DC devices..