Just came across this from twitter user @moneyreviewAU about buying a new car, it's good information about looking at price, running costs, searching out problems to make sure you're not getting a car that's known to have flaws, car loans - personally the only good loan is a mortgage, most other loans the value of the asset/holiday is worth less by the time you've paid the interest off, obviously there's loans for investing or renovating but just acquiring items that depreciate are no good.

from carloansau.com.au:
Keep these in mind when choosing your next car

Its easy to get carried away when choosing a new car, even if the car is not quite new…it is new to you. There is of course nothing wrong with following your heart, at least to an extent. We all like to choose a car that we like visually and enjoy to drive. However it is important to make sure that your head not your heart makes the final buying decision. After all a car is a means of transportation not an investment.

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Keep these in mind when choosing your next car | Car Loans, Car Finance