I really like the look of the Tatonka Isis Tour 60 Hybrid Travel Rucksack with daypack and at 42% OFF I like the price too! It is good to see a nice detailed description and even a Youtube video as well!

atonka Isis Tour 60 Hybrid Travel Rucksack with daypack

Tatonka Isis Tour 60 Hybrid Travel Rucksack with daypack

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Multi-functional rucksack for travel and trekking use. With its large opening into the main compartment, the Isis Tour makes packing particularly simple and comfortable.

Isis even looks good when it's being transported, as with the adjustable hip fins and completely concealable V2 Tour carrying system this ladies' rucksack is flexible and even withstands longer stays in the luggage hold of a bus or aeroplane without any damages.

Another important feature is the detachable daypack, which with a capacity of 5 litres can carry everything that you could possibly need on a sightseeing tour, while the heavy luggage stays in your room. Isis also has a robust handle on the side for short journeys and easy loading and unloading.


V2 Tour carrying system; height adjustable to suit all back lengths
Divided main compartment;
Detachable day rucksack, 5 l volume;
Back carrying system that can be hidden away for the journey;
Side handle;
Access into the main compartment;
Key holder;
First-aid compartment (contents not included);
Rain cover;
Deflected hip strap;
Hydration system


measurements: 81 x 31 x 24 cm
capacity: 55+5 l
weight: 3,30 kg
system: V2-System height adjustable
system: ladies style
material 1: Textreme 6.6
material 2: Texamid 11.1
Rainflap: included

Technical information:
V2 harness system:
Two aluminium bars forming an inverted V plus two short fibreglass reinforced bars for additional support form the central static unit: The two thin fibreglass reinforced bars lead from the inner aluminium frame channels laterally into the hip wings . The special dimensions and arrangement of these reinforced bars result in an excellent combination of efficient load transmission and system flexibility. The three-part ergonomically shaped hip strap consists of a central lumbar pad with anti-slip material and the two conical hip wings. Multi-layered, breathable foam/AirTex padding guarantees a high level of comfort in use and a pleasant microclimate. The new technical back padding consists of a number of chambers, and is conical in shape to ensure the optimum position and contact with the rucksack. The contact point of the shoulder straps is easily adjusted to any back length with Tatonka innovative adjustable ladder system.
Texamid 11.1
1000 DEN textured nylon warp-and-weft weave results in an extremely rip and abrasion resistant material. A durable PU coating ensures a high degree of water resistance, and a special process makes this material pleasant to the touch. Texamid 11.1 is now being used in the bottom sections of backpacks, bags and for reinforcement points.
Textreme 6.6
This textured polyester material out of 600 Den yarn is rugged, colourfast and has a variety of uses. It is PU-coated for water-resistance.
A bit about Tatonka's philosophy and mission...
To us, outdoors is not an opportunity to make a fast buck. It's an attitude to life. It is no coincidence that the translation of Tatonka is “bison” an animal that still represents strength and freedom today, but also a peaceful life that is lived in harmony with nature. We also feel totally committed to nature, and would like to transmit our enthusiasm for outdoors sports and activities to you through our products. Which is why we make sure that everything that carries the Bison logo meets our ideal of the “best possible equipment for Expedition Life”. And that 100 percent.

Anyone who has anything to do with our products will soon see that every single item reveals our passion for detail. Whether a trekking rucksack, tunnel tent or office bag – every construction, every material combination, every feature is carefully planned to the smallest detail and optimised for the particular purpose.

As far as the carrying systems are concerned, they are not only perfect for the various uses, such as for heavy loads or movement-intensive use, but also for the person who will be carrying them. Just as much attention is paid to accommodating the differences in the male and female anatomies as to different heights. And our children’s products are not only lovely and colourful, but above all they are child-appropriate.

And something else that is typical of Tatonka products is their exceptional durability – even under the hardest conditions. We use extremely strong, highly resistant materials for all our products, and we make sure that the manufacture is the very best it can be. In order to meet our own quality requirements, we make all our items ourselves – and then carefully check every single step in the production process.

Quality and functionality are clearly our main considerations. Our products are genuine outdoor articles, not chic accessories. Which is why you won’t find anything short-lived at Tatonka. But timeless designs that you can use all year round. For years.

The possibilities for experiencing the outdoors are incredibly varied. And so is our range: there’s the perfect solution for every use. Whether a rucksack, rain jacket or a tent, several days’ hiking or just one – there’s something in the Tatonka range for absolutely everything. Promise
Guessing this is German?

atonka Isis Tour 60 Hybrid Travel Rucksack with daypack