Gret price on the Star Trek Scene It Interactive Board Game, not sure why it's on sale as I thought Start Trek stuff would be in high demand with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness-

Was $59, now just $19.98-

Star Trek Scene It Interactive Board Game SRP $59 [Factory Scoop] | DVD Movies & TV Shows, Genres, Sci-Fi / Fantasy : JB HI-FI

Star Trek Scene It Interactive Board Game SRP $59 [Factory Scoop]

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Format DVD Gift Box
Genre Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Aspect Ratio 1.33:1
Languages English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Rating PG
Available 29-04-2013
Sourced Australia


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DVD Info


Boldly go where no board game has gone before! Are you ready to face the final frontier?

From the second you load the game disc into your DVD player, you'll boldly go where no Star Trek fan has gone before. From 'The Menagerie' to 'Final Conflict,' Scene It Deluxe Star Trek Edition has it all. Real television and movie clips, trivia questions, and a galaxy bursting with on-screen puzzlers will test whether you're ready to face the final frontier or need to log a few more stardates at Starfleet Academy.

Scene It is more than Star Trek trivia. Use memory, observation, and word-play to solve different challenges about what you see on-screen. Answer questions, race around the board, and be the first to make it to the Final Frontier. So gather family and friends to play Scene It Star Trek Edition. ENGAGE!

Game includes the following: 1x Collectible tin, 1x DVD, 1x Flextime gameboard, 1x Party Play, 4x Collectible metal tokens, 175x Trivia Cards, 16x Buzz Cards, 1x 6-sided die, 1x 8-sided die.

Features clips and images from all five live-action TV series and 10 movies

*Monitor in image not included

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