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Max's Muscle Builder SRT

Max's Muscle Builder SRT

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Max's Muscle Builder SRT Product Information

  • Max's Muscle Builder SRT - Sustained Release Technology
  • Ideal for hard gainers
  • Build Massive size and weight gains
  • Slow release protein matrix
  • Increase strength and power with Muscle Builder SRT
  • Carbohydrates for sustained energy

Gain Muscular Bodyweight FAST with Max's Muscle Builder SRT!

Max's Muscle Builder SRT is the ideal protein for you if you have problems putting on muscular size and gaining weight! Muscle Builder SRT (Sustained Release Technology) combines the medium absorbing Whey Protein Concentrate with Micellar Casein a slow digesting protein component. By slowing the absorption and assimilation process the blood amino acid levels are elevated for a longer period making it ideal for those with fast metabolisms.

Max's Muscle Builder SRT also contains a blend of carbohydrate polymers and smaller molecular weight carbohydrates with varying Glycaemic Indices allowing a sustained release into the bloodstream providing up to three or four hours of muscle-building nutrients ideal for young, thinner trainers wishing to pack on muscle size and strength.

Max's Muscle Builder SRT provides nourishment to working muscles & energy for intense training. If you find it difficult to put on weight, particularly muscle - Muscle Builder SRT is the protein you need!

Max's Muscle Builder SRT Directions:

Take 2-4 servings during the day between meals. Mix recommended serving in a shaker with cold water or milk, and shake for 30 seconds. For faster mass gains you can increase your serving size. Consume within 30 minutes. 1 level scoop = approx. 40grams.

Max's Muscle Builder SRT Recommended Serving Size:

Weight Up to 80kg 80 - 100kg 100+kg
Scoops 2 3 4
Product Weight 80g 120g 160g
Protein 32g 48g 64g
Water 300ml 400ml 500ml
Low Fat Milk 400ml 500ml 600ml
Total Protein (with Milk) 48g 68g 88g

Max's Muscle Builder SRT may be used to:

Increase muscular bodyweight; Increase muscle strength; Provide energy for intense training; Restore energy levels between workouts; Improve recovery; Inhibit muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown); Support the immune system.

Max's Muscle Builder SRT is great for:

Ideal for hard training athletes who have very high work loads and activity levels; Individuals who find it difficult to put on weight; Individuals with fast metabolisms; Young thinner trainers who wish to pack on size and strength; Bodybuilders; Weight trainers; Rugby players etc.

Max's Muscle Builder SRT