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Sea Scooter

Welcome to underwater freedom with this Shukeda Sea Scooter. The fun will never end with one of these close by this summer. This Sea Scooter comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack, a battery charger, and a duffle carry bag. Its ready to take you up to 30 metres below the surface.
This unit can be used in swimming pools, at the lake, or in the ocean. The sea scooter is simple to use, just hold it in front of you, switch it on and pull the trigger on the handlebar to let it take you away. If you want to go under water, just point it in that direction and it will take you down.

  • Personal water propeller sea scooter
  • 300W Twin speed
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Buoyancy control chamber
  • Safety Strap Point: Used for divers, a strap can be attached to scooter handlebar (strap is not included)
  • Rubber grip handlebars
  • Trigger on the left side of the handlebars
  • Durable and tough plastic outer construction
  • Children under 16 years should only operate this under parental supervision
  • This is not a life saving device


  • Colour: Yellow/Black
  • Power: Electric
  • Speed: Up to 7 km/h
  • Thrust: 5 kg
  • Power to weight ratio: 1:1
  • Run time: Up to 90 minutes
  • Recommended maximum depth: 30m
  • Battery: 1 - 24 volt sealed lead acid battery
  • Battery charging time: Approx. 4 to 6 hours
  • Motor: 24 volt DC 300 watts continuous
  • Dimensions: 60 x 18.5 x 28cm
  • Weight: 7.15kg
  • Made in China

Package includes:

  • Sea Scooter
  • Battery
  • AC Adaptor for charging battery
  • Carry bag
  • User manual
  • Foot pump to open sealed cap

Please Note:
  • Limit two per order
  • Offers end 12PM, Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shukeda Sea Scooter | Buy Cheap Deals Online | 1-day.com.au