What a great bargain these are! Me and the Mrs are going to look like twins

Check this one out...

More than half price! - ugg boots - free delivery -  get in!!-large_emailimage_051614101218.jpg

Keep warm this winter with a pair of unisex long ugg boots, side laced boots or snow boots, made from 100% Australian sheepskin, delivered at 65% off! Choose your style & colour! $99

Made with only the finest, 100% Australian sheepskin and trial and tested components.
These ugg boots are designed to withstand the elements, are flexible and lightweight.
Choose from THREE stylish unisex designs and classic colours!
The Long ugg Boot is available in Sand, Black, Chocolate and Chestnut colours.
The Snow Boot uggs and Side Laced Uggs come in a classic Chestnut colour.
These styles are available in the following sizes:
• Men's AU 4 - 13 and Women's AU 6 - 15
• Women's AU 6 - 15
For natural comfort and warmth, nothing beats sheepskin.
Australia wide delivery included.
Make sure your tootsies are toasty and warm this winter.

That'll do nicely I reckon. Here's a little tip - get a size smaller than you normally would, if you can put up with the squeeze pain for a day, they feel as comfy as your old slippers after that

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Well that's me booted - all I've got to do now is get suited

Cheers guys take care.