Putting on a classy pair of shades gives you a cooler luck instantly - It's the same with your beloved car

Here is what you get...

COOL UP YOUR CAR WITH TheDailyDeals - Choose Between Three Car Window Tinting Packs 9-large_1104715-livingsocialsales-693.jpg

Treat your car's windows to some sunnies with Tint Ur Ride
• Go for Suntek carbon film tint for a sedan for just $129 (value $279)
• Suntek premium HP metallised grade tint for a sedan is $179 (value $399)
• Or get the Tint Ur Ride Super Package for only $369 (value $899)
• This includes Suntek carbon film and premium paint protection
• Plus interior scotchguard and a fabric, leather or vinyl treatment
• Feel protected with this quality tinting, which comes with a lifetime warranty
• Keep your car cooler this summer and make it look boss as well!
• Available at their Fairfield location on The Horsley Drive
• Open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday or 8am to 4pm Saturday

Don't think it 's going to look good on my 1989 scrap heap but for all of you proper motorists it's a massive saving of $150 >>>> NICE!

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I'm off to see if I can start my scrap heap of a wreck - Definately not cool

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