This is right up my street - Nothing like a serious game of cards in great surroundings for a special night out.

This one is on a boat Here we go... Have a gamble on this one >>>  for a Four-Hour Poker Cruise - Save 1!!  NICE :)-large_1395891436415.jpg


Guaranteed $9,500 cash & prizes on every cruise
Guaranteed $3,500 cash prize for main event winner
Top eight players win prizes
Includes entry into Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament
Stack of 3,000 chips to start with
Minimum of three eight-day Thailand holiday packages to win on each cruise
Win additional Poker Afloat Cruises
$50 re-buys and add-ons first 75 minutes only (100% of all re-buys goes into the prize pool)
$25 secondary event available (optional)
Stay refreshed throughout the evening with free flowing beer, wine and soft drinks served at poker tables
Finger food served throughout

As far as I am concerned Texas hold 'em is the most exiting form of poker there is and if it's on a boat - with beer - and food - I'm all in

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I'm off to find my cowboy hat and sunglasses - well at least I'll look the part even if I do go out first

Good luck guys.