Hahaha, get cracking fatties, learn how to do the perfect situp for just 25 clams, you could put a telly on the ceiling and watch TV while you excercise.

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Perfect Situp

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Start working all of your abs!

Normal sit ups only work half your abs, but the Perfect Situp works all of your abs! With the Perfect Situp you will work your upper and lower abs and your obliques for a total abdominal workout!

The Perfect Situp improves on the traditional situp in several ways. The proprietary neck support puts the head and neck in a relaxed, neutral position to minimise strain. The padded contoured base positions the lower back and pelvic region at the ideal angle to emphasise engagement of the inner core muscles, which are normally difficult to reach. Resistance blades challenge the core, delivering more results in fewer reps. The Range of Motion Sensor clicks to help you know that you’ve reached the full range of motion.

You can even use the Perfect Situp in a chair – a perfect option for beginners. Just remove the leg blades and perform the crunch sitting in a chair.

The Perfect Situp is the ultimate abdominal workout!

  • Perfect position + blade resistance = faster results
  • Comfortable head and neck support - Ergonomic neck support helps reduce strain
  • Leg blades increase resistance and efficiency
  • Back blade intensifies crunches
  • Contoured base helps perfect form
  • Foam pad on the body support for comfort
  • Convenient hanger for easy storage
  • Perfect form – pelvic tilt targets hard to reach lower abdominal muscles
  • Helps guide proper positioning
  • Foot straps - secures feet to help keep legs in proper position
  • Range of motion sensor – Clicks when you reach full range of motion; perfect form made easy
  • Some assembly required

Pack includes:
  • Perfect Situp with resistance level 1 leg blades
  • Hanger for easy storage
  • Guide to Health Eating booklet
  • Owners Manual & Meal Plan booklet
  • Step by step workout poster

  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 118-150cm
    • Width: 39cm
    • Height: 21.6cm

  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Maximum user weight: 136kg

  • Note:
  • Limit of two per order.
  • WHILE STOCKS LAST, OFFERS END 12PM, Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfect Situp | Buy Cheap Deals Online | 1-day.com.au