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Thread: Seniors Card NSW Government, specials, gardening tips, money saving tips, recipes and more.

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    Seniors Card NSW Government, specials, gardening tips, money saving tips, recipes and more.

    My Dad sent me this, might be of interest to people:

    January 2014
    Dear ....

    Welcome to 2014!

    2014 already. That didn't take long, did it?

    Hopefully you've managed to get through Christmas and New Year and your pants still fit properly.

    Did you make any of our wonderful recipes? If you did we hope you enjoyed them because we have two new ones for you this month.

    To give you more time to start your garden preparations, we have included February gardening tips this month from Yates.

    We have some great post-Christmas cleansing and diet books from Booktopia (not that any of us need it...) and our usual financial, travel and competition sections.

    We hope you enjoy our slightly slimmer post-Christmas version of the enews.

    Expect big Seniors Week news over the next few weeks with a special edition in mid February.

    ....and of course - HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!

    Kind Regards,
    Seniors Card

    PS If you find the text too small to read on any website, a handy tip is to press the CTRL button, and without taking your finger off, press the + button, which will enlarge the text. Keep doing it until you have a comfortable reading size.

    Clarice Beckett - Beach Scene, 1932 (public domain)


    Vanilla Cupcakes

    Team member Lauren shares her yummy treats with us. Ideal for a birthday, event or just for afternoon tea. You're going to love this one! This recipe makes 12 cupcakes.

    Passionfruit Butter

    This delicious recipe for passionfruit butter is provided by the Country Womens Association. You can use it as a spread, a filling, or a gift in a jar! For more fantastic recipes, visit their Facebook page.


    Gardening - planting for February
    Week 1: February gardening - The last month of summer is often a challenging one for the garden. Surviving the heat is the number one priority but theres also the opportunity to plan for gentler days to come. Yates website A growing way of life - Home garden products and gardening advice - Yates Ltd - is full of timely suggestions. Join the free on-line Yates Garden Club to receive a monthly gardening tips newsletter.

    Gardening - Asian veggies and topiary

    Week 3: Easy-grow Asian vegies

    Oriental vegetable varieties have become an everyday part of the Australian diet. And, like other fresh vegetables they always taste better if theyre grown in the home garden and harvested just as theyre required. Many grow easily from seed, which means you can sow every couple of weeks and extend the harvest over a long period.


    Stay healthy in the heat - A guide from NSW Health

    As we approach the hottest month of the year, it's important to remember to protect yourself from the heat and the summer sun as much as possible when you are out and about enjoying life, tending the garden, and on day trips.

    Finance and Insurance

    Government update on super proposals

    Over the past year there have been a number of proposed changes and reforms to the superannuation system and the financial advice industry. With a change of government in September, consumers and the industry were seeking clarification on the status of the proposals, as the new government stated prior to the election that they would not make any adverse or unexpected changes to superannuation.

    Readers' Corner

    Clean Living by Hines, Gooding and Evans
    RRP - $29.99

    Booktopia Price - $23.95
    With additional 10% Seniors Card discount - $21.55

    Want to change your life today? It is widely accepted that it takes around 21 days to change a habit.
    Clean Living provides the perfect three-week overhaul that will kick-start the journey to a healthy new you.

    The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet - Joe Cross
    $22.95 - RRP

    Booktopia price - $17.95
    With additional 10% Seniors Card discount - $16.15.

    The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet - Lose weight, get healthy and feel amazing.
    From the man who kickstarted the new juice craze - lose weight and feel great with the power of juice. As seen in the hit film 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead'.

    Make Peace with Your Plate - Jess Ainscough
    RRP - $17.95

    Booktopia price - $14.95
    With additional 10% Seniors Card discount - $13.45.

    In Make Peace With Your Plate, Jessica shares her journey from party-girl and cancer patient to healthy lifestyle ambassador. Diagnosed at 22 with a rare type of incurable cancer, Jess set about learning everything she could about alternative treatments.


    How to get the most from a round-the-world airfare and win a $2500 Flight Centre gift voucher

    Round-the world airfares are a great option if you are planning on taking off for a global adventure!

    But finding the best deal to suit your needs may not be necessarily that easy as there are literally worlds of options when it comes to these types of airfares.

    Win a refreshing and relaxing 2 night at a SilverNeedleŽ Hotel in Australia

    Whether youre on a self-drive holiday, a weekend away with friends, visiting family or treating someone to a special getaway, youll feel at home with us.

    From convenient city locations to coastal destinations and country towns, SilverNeedleŽ Hotels is designed to meet your travelling requirements. Our goal is to provide personal service, conveniently located hotels with restaurant and leisure facilities, all at great value for money.


    New laws now protect people living in boarding houses

    Living in a boarding house? New laws now protect people living in boarding houses in NSW. If you live in a registrable boarding house, new laws mean that you now have a set of basic rights called occupancy principles.

    Looking for the right retirement village?

    Looking for the right retirement village? Fair Trading is making it easier for you to compare the costs and conditions between retirement villages before signing a contract.

    Competitions, Events and Special Offers

    Don't forget to have a look at our website for some great offers, competitions and events.

    Easter Show 2014

    Roll up! Roll up! If you are a Seniors Card member, come along to the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show on Seniors Days for some great new events and attractions! Telstra and NSW Department of Family and Community Services have joined forces to sponsor many new activities and offers for NSW Seniors Card holders on the two Seniors Days 15 and 16 April.

    Submit your event for 2014 NSW Seniors Week

    NSW Seniors Week is an annual celebration for seniors featuring a packed program of events developed in partnership with community, cultural, sporting and commercial organisations.

    With hundreds of free or discounted events held across the state, there is something for everyone to enjoy! This year, NSW Seniors Week will take place from Saturday, 15 March Sunday, 23 March.

    Premier's Seniors Week Gala Concerts
    A spectacular feature of NSW Seniors Week, the Premiers Gala Concerts are expanding to five concerts in 2014!

    Held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre across three days, 18 - 20 March, they will be accompanied by a NSW Seniors Week Expo.

    Win a case (24 bottles) of retro drink from Il Mercante
    Competition - Win a case (24 bottles) of retro drink from Il Mercante.

    In the fifties, during long summer afternoons, grandmother Vittoria prepared refreshing drinks for adults and children of the Macario family. Ingredients were simple and natural, flavours unforgettable, and who tasted them was delighted.

    Win a double pass to see Strictly Ballroom
    Based on the much loved Australian film with performances at the Sydney Lyric from 25 March 2014, Strictly Ballroom the Musical will tango, sashay and bogo pogo its way onto the stage thanks to the original creative team behind the classic 1992 film,
    including director and co-writer Baz Luhrmann, set and costume designer Catherine Martin, choreographer John Cha Cha OConnell and co-writer Craig Pearce.

    Win a double pass to see Le Week-end
    Thanks to Transmission Films, we have 10 double passes to give away to see Le Week-End - in cinemas February 20 2014.
    Le Week-End sees Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg Burrows (Lindsay Duncan) return to Paris, the city of their honeymoon, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.

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    Really this is excellent details i like this actually i was in looking for this kind details here and considering to create a line for this but i have no need to create any line after study out this details anyways thanks for this and have a awesome day ...
    Actually i also want some Gardening information

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