Gav can you add a section such as House & Home where mixed posts like this can go? Mixed Cooking and bathroom discounts from ALDI the offers start on Wednesday:

Special buys - on sale Wednesday 07 August 2013, while stocks last*

Soap Dispenser

ea $7.99

Toilet Brush Holder

ea $12.99

Laundry Hamper

ea $29.99

Hand Towel with Mosaic Border

ea $3.99

Face Washer 4pk with Mosaic Border

4pk $6.99

Luxury Mosaic Cotton Bath Mat

ea $14.99

Bath Towel with Mosaic Border

ea $8.99

Bath Sheet with Mosaic Border

ea $14.99

Bathroom Bin

ea $12.99

3 Tier Bathroom Shelf

ea $39.99

Shower Curtain with 12 Hanging Rings

ea $14.99

Bath Mat with Mosaic Design

ea $4.99

Suction Bathroom Accessories

ea $4.99

Cosmetic or Jewellery Organiser

ea $9.99

Acrylic Bathroom Accessories

ea $12.99

Over Door Hooks 2pk

2pk $3.99

Tricare Foaming Antibacterial Hand Wash 240ml

ea $1.99 83c per 100ml

Pears Transparent Bar Soap 125g

ea $1.29 $1.03 per 100g

DENTITEX® Family Toothbrushes Value 6pk

6pk $3.99 67c per brush

DENTITEX® Total Care Premium Dental Floss 100m

ea $3.99 $3.99 per 100m

DENTITEX® Total Care 6-in-1 Mouthwash 500ml

ea $2.99 60c per 100ml

DENTITEX® Disposable Dental Floss Picks 100pk

100pk $4.99 $4.99 per 100 units

DENTITEX® Interdental Brushes 15pk

15pk $3.99 27c per unit

DENTITEX® Replacement Toothbrush Heads 4pk

4pk $9.99 $2.50 per unit

DENTITEX® Children's Toothbrushes 4pk

4pk $1.99 50c per unit

DENTITEX® Rechargeable Toothbrush

ea $14.99

Colgate Kids Powered Toothbrush

ea $8.99

Colgate Kids Spider-Man Gel Toothpaste 110g

ea $1.99 $1.81 per 100g

215L Top Mount Refrigerator

ea $299

Blender with Glass Jug

ea $29.99

Cordless Stick Blender

ea $39.99

Glass Toaster

ea $39.99

Stainless Steel Stick Mixer

ea $12.99

3L Deep Fryer

ea $49.99

Hand Mixer with LCD Display

ea $24.99

Yoghurt Maker

ea $14.99

20L Microwave Oven with Grill

ea $79.99

Electric Pressure Cooker

ea $49.99