Aldi's sale is starting on Wednesday 09 October 2013 with kids clothing, baby products such as Mamia nappies and aldi baby wipes, see all the cheap baby offers. I wonder what the Mamia nappies are like? It would be good if Aldi could offer some free samples!

Assorted Toddler Twin Pack

2pk $4.99 $2.50 per piece

Children’s Basic Socks 4pk

4pk $2.99 75c per pair

Children’s T-Shirt 2pk

2pk $6.99 $3.50 per shirt

Mini Colour Watch

ea $6.99

Children’s Singlet 3pk

pk $4.99 $1.66 per singlet

Children’s Briefs 5pk

5pk $3.99 80c per pair

Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 480pk

480pk $8.99 2c per wipe

Baby Wipes Scented 480pk

480pk $8.99 2c per wipe

Newborn Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 14c per nappy

Infant Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 16c per nappy

Crawler Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 18c per nappy

Toddler Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 21c per nappy

Walker Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 23c per nappy

Junior Nappy Jumbo Box

pk $17.99 25c per nappy