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Baby U Toilet Training

Get your bub transitioning from nappies to potty!

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Baby U Cushie Step Up + Toilet Seat
Padded for Comfort | Easy to Assemble!

Expect to pay $39.95

Baby U Cushie Folding Potty Seat
Great for Holidays & Day Trips | Padded for Comfort

Don't pay more!

2 x Baby U Waterproof Sheet Protector
Helps Keep Bed Sheets Dry & Stain-Free!

Expect to pay $49.90

Baby U Cushie Tushie Padded Toilet Seat
Easily Fits on Existing Toilet Seats | Padded for Comfort!

Don't pay more!

Baby U Potette Plus 2-in-1 Portable Potty
Doubles as a Toilet Trainer Seat!

Expect to pay $19.95

6 x Baby U Potette Plus Liner 10-Pack
You Get a Total of 60 Liners!

Expect to pay $35.94

3 x Baby U Potette Plus Reusable Liners
Perfect for Toilet Training On the Go!

Don't pay more!