Summer holidays are coming up might be a great chance to get a bit of quiet with creative art supplies or even take up a bit of painting yourself, I've been painting a few things now I can't get out and photograph, nothing that's going to win awards but a few pieces that are good for my house and one complement from a friend "it looks like the thing it's meant to look like". Compared to what I paid for the paints these are amazing prices,I purchased the cheapest I could find as for my work it wasn't important on quality of paint, if I had of found them this cheap I definitely would have got them!

The ALDI sale starts:

  • Wednesday 13 November 2013

Paint Assorted 100ml

ea 99c

Table Top Elm Wood Easel


Adjustable Elm Wood Easel


Art Case 46pc

46pc $24.99

Elm Wood Artist Storage Box

ea $19.99

Canvas Set

set $4.99

A3 Artist Pads

ea $3.99

Art Paper Sets

ea $6.99

Pencils Set 36pc

set $9.99

Paint Brush Set 18pc

set $5.99

Colouring Books

ea $3.99

Learn to Draw Books

ea $3.99

Paint By Numbers Kit

ea $4.99