Vinomofo have Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 selling for just $15 a bottle.
I can't comment on it as I don't drink wine as I'm not a hipster

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Punters Corner Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

$30 $15


There’s no gambling with this wine – classic 92pt Coonawarra Cab from a 5-star producer, crafted by award-winning winemaker Pete Bissell. 2:1 odds never looked so tasty.
SAVE $180! $180 a 12pk

There’s no gambling with this wine – classic 92pt Coonawarra Cab from a 5-star producer, crafted by award-winning winemaker Pete Bissell. 2:1 odds never looked so tasty.
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What's the story? About the Deal *Ref. RRP as at 21/05/13: $30 direct from producer | $30 James Halliday Wine Companion
What excites us about this wine
The features of great Cabernet include: density, richness, smoothness, lack of obvious oak, and the ability to improve over a week in an open bottle. This one meets all these criteria and more. The problem with relying on a point rating is that it often takes a snapshot of a wine, rather than living with it over a few hours, let alone a few days.
Well, I happily took a bottle of this home, and the glass on the first night matched beautifully with the rich mushroom fettuccine we had on the go. It was closed initially, but the palate maintained a dense, earthy, chocolatey richness and mystery, that with a bit of air flowered into a lovely balance of black fruits. Obvious blackcurrant as you’d expect, but backed up by blackberry, black cherry, and that silky, earthen Coonawarraness. Yes, Coonawarraness. This is a wine that knows its region and doesn’t hide under a bushel, or oak for that matter.
Five nights later (yes, I showed some massive restraint), the last glass revealed the true strength and ageability of this wine (we’ve since nicknamed this little fella ‘Tenacious C’). No oxidative chinks in the armour, its fruit had simply amplified, the tannins softened but still showing its youthful self to the world. Try this test at home if you have such patience, or simply decant a couple of hours before serving. Better yet, start that cellar you’ve been meaning to.
This is the perfect excuse. Whatever the question.
Producer – Punters Corner
Owners David Muir and Robert Hance purchased their property in the late ‘80s, and continue to pump out great vino. They’re not stretching the friendship by trying to make outlandish wines in a region that doesn’t respond to it, they stick to what they’re good at and they do it well. Very well. Winemaker Peter Bissell designed their winery in 1995, going on to win the coveted Jimmy Watson at the turn of the millennium for their ’99 Spartacus Reserve Shiraz, and being awarded Gourmet Traveller’s Winemaker of the Year in 2005. Their wines speak volumes of their commitment and experience.
And no, there’s no apostrophe in Punters. I checked thrice.
Region – Coonawarra
Coonawarra = Cabernet. True in a sense, but also simplistic. Some of the best wine from the Coonawarra is Shiraz, which is frequently overlooked in the search for the perfect Cab Sav. Not to belittle Coonawarra Cab either, but it's funny how often we get caught insisting that one variety is the best expression of a specific place, grown in a variable environment with so many factors at play. All we're saying is: don't miss the great wines that aren't the usual suspects. Coonawarra has quite a few amazing hands other than their trump card.