Another good one from Wine Market: 9 x 1L BIG WOOP WHITE WINE 2009 (9) another great DEAL!!

Big Woop means Big Deal in Australian lingo, and it kind of makes sense.

A big deal of a winemaker in the star form of South Australia’s Ben Riggs, a big deal because the bottle is 1 litre and not your usual 750ml, and a bigger deal because it's been given such a winning discount. This deal could run the 100 metres race backwards and still beat Usain Bolt.

The wine itself is crisp, clean and refreshing – it’s produced in a classic dry white style so it’s not only easy to drink, but will match a big selection of foods too. Chill a few down in an esky and drag it along to an picnic, lunch or BBQ and watch how quick those bottles empty.
And though when we first saw the label we thought someone was talking about a Big Poop and we were kind of turned off; once we worked out what was going on and got stuck into the wine we were won over by its tropical fruitiness and delicious feel.
And don’t think that because there’s 9 bottles in a box you’re being done over – it’s just the same amount as 12 regular bottles, they’re just in a handy 1 Litre size. We’ve gone with a confusion tax to our accountants, and they came back with a ripper deal. Normally you’d see this wine for $179.88 but for you, well, now just $52. You’ll be shouting Big Woop! in no time.

  • Made by Award winning winemaker Ben Riggs
  • What a Price – Just $78 per case – No now $52!!!
  • Limited supply!!!!
  • Cancelled Export to the USA

  • Convenient 1 litre bottles at just $5.78 each!
  • Made by award winning winemaker Ben Riggs - the star

BEN RIGGS BIG WOOP WHITE WINE 2009 in 1 Litre bottle for just $78 a case