Good price for 12 bottles of cleanskins: CLEANSKIN ROSENVALE VINEYARDS BAROSSA CHARDONNAY 2009 (12) for $49 DEAL!!

We’ve always liked to think of Cleanskin wines as the nudists of the wine industry.

Unashamed, unabashed, they display everything they’ve got, dangly bits and all, right there for all to see. Without the label, they’re undressed, and sure, it can be off putting for some, but for many it’s like a cheap date that ends up with some serious loving and fireworks.
But the real loving and fireworks is the price you’ll score these wines at - because of a misfortune at the winery’, the label didn’t make this batch of fine Rosenvale Barossa Valley Chardonnay and we’ve been offered an amazing price to help shift their ‘nude’ wines…
Without the labels, this means you’re getting a wine of pedigree for pretty much one of the deals of the century - buy a dozen of this super drinkable, crisp, clean dry white and you’re paying just over $4 a bottle. Get a second dozen for a rainy day and you’ll pay less, just $3.75 per bottle.
For less than $100 you’ll get two cases of seriously delicious Chardonnay. Well… There’s no room for prudes here – it’s time to embrace the nudity of these wines; this deal is already racing out the door.

  • Cleanskin Barossa Chardonnay from Rosenvale!
  • Bulk buy megadeal: buy one dozen for $49, or two dozen for $90
  • No voucher code needed: just add to cart and the price per case will automatically adjust based on your quantity
  • No further discount