Deluxe Wine Aerator & Tower Set, just $20.

If you want to look fancy and impress your friends buy this, it would allow you enough time while pouring your wine to point out to your friends that you spent half an hour stacking your books(that you have never read) to make them look perfectly untidy, after that you can point out your stretched canvas paintings that no doubt came from a hand painted art factory in China and will be out of fashion when The Block says so

Wine drinkers annoy me, I don't like wine and I am always told "you just haven't found the right one yet" I have tried a lot and understand not everyone likes beer so I don't push it on people, why can't wine drinkers do the same?!

That's my rant done for the day, don't buy this thing if you just want to impress people you will just look like a pretentious twat

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Deluxe Wine Aerator & Tower Set

Enjoy Wine as it's Intended - Minus The Wait!

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Description Product Specs
Deluxe Wine Aerator & Tower Set
Near-impossible price on an essential item for any wine lover!
Wine aerator & tower stand frees you for two-handed operation
Easy to use - just pop a glass under the aerator & pour!
The perfect gift for the wine-loving family member or friend!
You've poured a delicious-looking glass of wine, but who can be bothered sitting around idly while the wine takes it's sweet old time to breathe?! Enter the Deluxe Wine Aerator & Tower, an ingenious product designed to open up and release the savours of wine instantly. This decanter aerates the wine as you pour it, releasing the intended aromas and flavours for a smoother finish and deeper intensity without the wait. The Wine Aerator Deluxe sits on a solid base that allows you to place your glass under the aerator, leaving you two hands free to pour your wine. It’s also fast and easy to clean - and would make a super gift for your wine buff friend!
What's Included:

  • Wine aerator with magic cup
  • Base support
  • Filter
  • Travelling bag
  • Tower


  • Deluxe Wine Aerator & Tower Set
  • Enhances the flavour & finish of red wine
  • Aerates wine as it pours through the decanter
  • No more waiting for the wine to breathe before enjoying it!
  • Lets you enjoy your glass of red as it's intended
  • Sediment filter traps particulates
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Perfect as a gift for any wine-loving individual!

Why should wine breathe?
All wine fiends know the importance of allowing wine to breathe before consumption. This breathing process releases the intended aromas and flavours, giving it a smoother finish and intensity. Having to wait before drinking is hard and a practice often skipped by many. But now you can open your favourite bottle and enjoy it immediately. This decanter aerates the wine as you pour it through, giving you great taste as it’s meant to be, with none of the wait!

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